We Agnostics and Freethinkers International AA Convention | ELECTIONS


Posted on October 15, 2014 by Site Administrator

In order to guarantee the success of future WAFT IAACs, the current steering committee is calling for the election of a new board /steering committee on Thursday November 6th after the first official day of the convention. There will be a business meeting to nominate and vote in new board members.at 5:30 that evening. There are a total of eleven positions to be filled. Four officers, which will also be board members, chairperson/president, secretary, treasurer, and vice-chair/vice-president and seven board members at large. with nominations from the fellowship and the current steering committee will present nominations for new board members and officers. Anyone in the fellowship can be nominated and people can nominate themselves.


We need regional and international representation. Anyone in the fellowship can be nominated and people can nominate themselves.


All board members will have equal votes as officers. Officers will have the delegated responsibilities of the business side of the WAFT IAAC LLC, which is a pending 501(3)c that was formed to be able to take donations and sell tickets. Board members will not only be responsible for spreading the word about the convention but will also be responsible for WAFT IAAC LLC’s legal protocols, such as board meeting minutes, public disclosure and proper accounting practices, as mandated by the State of California and the U.S. Federal Government under the 501(c)3 formation.


If you are interested in one of the board member positions, please draft a brief statement of your qualification. Please consider some of the points and questions asked below, so people may review them before the vote on November 6th’s business meeting. Be prepared as well to give a 2-3 minute statement during the meeting before votes are taken.

Do you have stable sobriety?
Are you humble? Can you put your ego aside?
Do you believe in the mission of WAFT IAAC?
Do you have a business background that can assist WAFT IAAC LLC?
Can you remain neutral on ALL internal WAFT AA politics to make the best objective decisions for WAFT IAAC?
Can you make a 2 to 4 year commitment?
Can you financially contribute?
Do you have experience in other AA conferences, round ups, POW WOWs etc…? If you don’t have this direct experience is there anything from the outside world that are transferable skills to this project?
Are you willing to think outside of the box?
As AA members we will diligently protect people’s anonymity but the reality is there may be possible risks to anonymity. Would the loss of your anonymity be a deal breaker for you?
Are you willing to learn from mistakes and not give up?
Can you work collaboratively for the greater good?
Do you believe in the importance of the WAFT geographical 12th step goal?

PLEASE BE SURE TO POST YOUR NAME (in the traditional anonymous AA fashion – first name, last initial, as well as your home group and city) AND YOUR CREDENTIALS/EXPERIENCE IN THE COMMENTS ATTACHED TO THIS PAGE/SECTION