We Agnostics and Freethinkers International AA Convention | Frequently Asked Questions

The We Agnostics & Free Thinkers
International AA Convention
Frequently Asked Questions

+Where can I find information about crossing the border into the U.S. for this event?
For accurate, specific and up-to-date information about visas and travel into the U.S.,
visit the United States Department of State website.

If you are coming from abroad you may need a visa. Most Canadian citizens, and many citizens of countries in the United States Visa Waiver Program (VWP), do not need a visa. However, you will need a machine-readable passport valid for at least 90 days past your date of departure.

The VWP countries are: Andorra, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brunei, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaca, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, San Marino, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan and United Kingdom.

If you do not come from a VWP country you must obtain a nonimmigrant visa. Plan ahead; it may take six months to receive a nonimmigrant visa, depending on the demand in your country.

+What is the criteria to have a link on your website?
WAFT IAAC’s website was designed to share the progress of the convention and provide information regarding attendance, purchasing tickets, convention schedule and local activities for attendees. In the planning stages, it became clear our fellowship wanted more information regarding the WAFT fellowship. Through a group conscience we have compiled the following criteria for linking to these other websites.

Links: Press and Media

News articles are linked to WAFT IAAC based on relevance to the convention, its planning and progress, that clearly supplement or enhance the information already provided on our website.

Links: Meetings

Websites that are primarily a list of AA meetings for agnostics, freethinkers, atheists and others, will be linked under the meetings list. Whether or not those websites also include group area meetings that may not be specifically agnostic-style will not disqualify the website from being linked to WAFT IAAC. The goal of the convention is to promote unity within the fellowship and not including such websites would be contrary to its very theme, “Many Paths to Recovery”.

On line agnostic/freethinker meeting links will and they also be included under the meeting list. Meetings qualify by being hosted/run by those within the WAFT fellowship for other AA members should be a password protected forum. Those who attend such meetings should be secure in the ability to maintain their anonymity.

Links: Resources

Links to websites that offer support of sobriety relevant to and within the WAFT fellowship may be included as resources. These individual sites have moderators and/or webmasters controlling content/comments and AA members are suggested to take direction from AA’s policies based on the Eleventh Tradition. According to the Eleventh Tradition of AA, “names and pictures of AA members ought not be broadcast, filmed, or publically printed.”

The Guidelines state that, “As long as individuals do not identify themselves as AA members, there is no conflict of interest.” Individual non-interactive sites must maintain this tradition. Sites with moderators and/or webmasters controlling content/comments must also maintain this tradition. Anonymity is the “spiritual foundation of all our Traditions,” and all efforts must be made by the website to extend that tradition to those who interact on their site, to protect their individual anonymity as well.

+Can you please send us a copy of your God free steps? Will we allow altered steps at the convention?
WAFT IAAC’s mission is to promote unity & fellowship among agnostics, atheists, seekers, and freethinkers within AA. We take no stand for or against any version of the 12 steps. We anticipate that people will bring different versions of the steps to share with the fellowship at the convention. In the meantime we recommend that you reach out to the individual groups on the list at this link: http://www.agnosticaanyc.org/worldwide.html.

+Are we AA?

+Do we encourage everyone (including believers) to attend WAFT IAAC?
Of course! One purpose of the convention is to promote acceptance and inclusion within AA. No one will be turned away for what they do or don’t believe.

+Are we trying to split from AA – become something different?
No! We only want to promote acceptance and inclusion within AA. We who are planning the convention believe very firmly in the traditions, principles and concepts of AA.

+Will the General Service Organization (GSO) shut us down?
Neither the GSO nor it’s governing body, the Conference, has ever shut down any group or any conference, convention, round up, Pow Wow or meeting. The GSO’s actions make it clear that the GSO actually follows the tradition that any group is an AA group if they say they are..